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Are you looking for a DJ with versatility? 

A specialist who has experience with plenty of different musical flavours and can keep a dancefloor of all ages entertained all night? 


I play with an open format style, which means I move between genres seamlessly, mixing from one song to the next... as long as it's good music, anything goes!

Press play on 'The Mixtape' below and you'll see what I mean!


I've played at events, parties, clubs, festivals and on radio, spinning everything from funk, soul, motown, r'n'b, rock 'n' roll, disco, house, chart and pop, to hip-hop, garage, reggae, indie, rock, drum 'n' bass, dance, trance, and even scouse/bounce house!

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Check out my Top 20

Dancefloor Smashers!

And if you really want to spice up your party playlist, have a listen to more mixes below for some inspiration!


For more mixes and playlists, or to listen to full DJ sets, head to:

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